Cruising through Palos Verdes

I’m fine, just haven’t posted anything. I went to a few Corvair events – SCC had a cruise down around Palos Verdes . That was fun. We got rain at the very end, which was inconvenient. We finished at the Korean Friendship Bell for photos. I left the car running, as we were only going to be there for a moment.
The moment dragged on, and as I was almost back to the car, it erupted in water and steam.
It was chilly and raining, and I hadn’t turned on the radiator fan. (No, it is not thermostatic.)
Temperature and pressure rose, and one of the PVC-to-steel fittings blew out and dumped the cooling system.
Ok, shut the motor off and had a look – a threaded steel pipe stub had come out of the PVC fitting it was screwed into.
As things cooled down a bit, I found that the pvc had returned to shape and I could simply screw the steel pipe back into it.
One of the club members found a water faucet with hose behind a nearby building. I thanked them, and they all left. I was able to drive over there and refill the cooling system, then head home. In the city, I get plenty of rain through the mesh top. Anyway, found shelter, got the wipers reconnected, and drove home.

2014 Capital City Spring Fling

The Corvair club near Sacramento has an event every spring. It seemed like a fun event and I decided to go.

Partly for this event, and also because I had been thinking of the Convention in Tacoma, I had decided that I needed a bit of rain resistance.
To start, a non-mesh top should help in wet weather.
Joann’s has regular sales, and I got a big chunk of outdoor vinyl. They were out of black, but they had some gray that matches the primer very nicely. A lady at our church was willing to do the sewing, so I gave her the vinyl and the existing mesh top as a pattern.

While she was working on the top, I fabbed up some rear quarter windows (1/8″ clear plastic) for the car and mounted them in. Very light, and fit fairly well. Also got the wiper motor working and a switch hung in temporarily.

The church lady had some challenges getting the vinyl sewn, and some of the stitching wasn’t perfectly straight. Also, I had asked that it be a bit larger on the sides, and she obliged. My estimate wasn’t too good, and it kind of flaps down over the sides a bit far. Dang. Well, it’s still ok.

Overall, it’s … wait for it … “good enough”.
That’s the mantra for this car.

Anyway, at the very last minute I was installing the snaps in the fabric and got it installed on the Toy.
The weather promised rain enroute, and I’d really decided to go and had sent in my registration fee.

I got the car together late Friday, and decided to catch a nap then drive through the night.
I found out the vinyl top was horribly noisy, because the front edge caught air coming off the windshield. It billowed up, howled like a banchee at anything over 40 mph, and would funnel any rain on the windshield into the inside of the vinyl and onto me.

I kept the vinyl in place up to Gorman, then stopped at the gas station there. Vinyl top off, mesh top on.
Turns out that, at speed, the mesh works just fine!

So, the rest of the weekend I kept the mesh top in place. In Sacramento, we had no rain after early morning. I had some rain coming home, but kept moving and everything worked fine.

Oddly, the only time I got much water through the door window opening was going down the Grapevine toward Bakersfield. The wind was quartering and I was getting raindrops in my eyes for a bit.

The car ran fine, and hwy 99 is somewhat scenic. It was a good trip.

Bob’s Big Boy Cruise – Downey

Wednesday I went to the cruise at Bob’s on Firestone in Downey.
They had a great turnout – roadsters, hot rods from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s (at least).
Lowriders, many more. Next time I’ll bring a camera.
The Toy was a great conversation piece, as always.
For info on cruises (where and when), see

Downey – Bob’s Big Boy Broiler Drive-In – 7447 Firestone Blvd. – 4PM – 10PM – every Wednesday, they say.

Almost went to cruise night

– but it must not have been a good night for it?

Tried to leave for the Friday cruise night at So-Cal Burgers about 9:00 (it runsĀ  8PM – Midnight).

The headlights wouldn’t come on – parking lights, no headlights. Mess with the wiring, they magically come on. I noticed they’re aiming a bit high. Try to adjust them, the screws are rusted. Turn working lights on, get the penetrating oil from the garage.
Noticed water under the nose of the car. Open hood, see a hose coming off (of the last plain PVC hose end in the car). That hose was always a bit short- find a longer one that goes farther up the PVC to the joint. The PVC is double thickness there, should work for quite a while. Get the hose on, fill water, test. Looks good.

Back to lights: The lateral adjustments will work, one vertical works, other is stuck. Nevermind, just button it up.
Wash hands, lock house, go to car, start it. No headlights.

Mess with it momentarily, no joy.

Never mind- by the time I get it fixed and drive to SoCal Burgers, the event will be over. Next time!

(oops – late update: The dimmer switch is fussy, and was causing the problem !? #@@!!!)