Cruising through Palos Verdes

I’m fine, just haven’t posted anything. I went to a few Corvair events – SCC had a cruise down around Palos Verdes . That was fun. We got rain at the very end, which was inconvenient. We finished at the Korean Friendship Bell for photos. I left the car running, as we were only going to be there for a moment.
The moment dragged on, and as I was almost back to the car, it erupted in water and steam.
It was chilly and raining, and I hadn’t turned on the radiator fan. (No, it is not thermostatic.)
Temperature and pressure rose, and one of the PVC-to-steel fittings blew out and dumped the cooling system.
Ok, shut the motor off and had a look – a threaded steel pipe stub had come out of the PVC fitting it was screwed into.
As things cooled down a bit, I found that the pvc had returned to shape and I could simply screw the steel pipe back into it.
One of the club members found a water faucet with hose behind a nearby building. I thanked them, and they all left. I was able to drive over there and refill the cooling system, then head home. In the city, I get plenty of rain through the mesh top. Anyway, found shelter, got the wipers reconnected, and drove home.

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