Small victories

Actually, this is something I figured out last year sometime –
In working my way through the “phase two’ engine/suspension project for the Toy, I had a problem with one of the hubs from the donor suspension: I had destroyed one of the wheel lugs during teardown, and ruined the stud it was on. (The wheel had cute ‘anti-theft’ lugs, and one of them had been ruined by someone before I got the car.)
Now, replacement studs are available, and it isn’t a big deal to have a new one pressed in. But the hub bearing had noticeable play, meaning it was worn out and needed replacement. When I removed it, I discovered that it had not been installed correctly, and the bolts were loose. Good thing I found that – loose suspension parts can be a big problem. Now, what to do?
A few years ago, I replaced both front hubs in my daily driver, an ’03 Regal. One of the old hubs was worn, and I replaced both of them.
I still had the units I removed. (Packrat? Guilty as charged.)
One of the removed hubs seems ok.
I cleaned everything up and installed the two best hubs. It may need new ones someday, but for now they are plenty good enough.

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