Newer donor car

I found an ad for a 1998 Buick Regal GS – they were actually offering the transaxle, but would sell the whole car for the same price. I got it, and stripped it bare. This provides me all the goodies to put the Bonneville motor into the Toy, and more.

For the motor swap:

Subframe, motor mounts, newer hubs (Aluminum) and matching brakes, axles. and suspension pieces.
The complete fuel system, including fuel pump and fuel lines to match the supercharged motor. Also the evap cannister and connections, which may keep the newer ECU happy.
The complete wiring harness from the car, including all the electronic modules.

General goodies for the Toy:

Alloy wheels – all four are now mounted on the Toy. (they are the same as on my Regal)
Misc stuff that will come in handy.

Spares for my 2003 Regal:

The heater and air conditioning system, including all the controls.
Front, rear struts.
Lights, misc spare stuff.


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