The Toy – Project update

Recently, I got a good deal on a better motor and trans for the Toy.
It’s from a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, and is a supercharged newer brother to the Toy’s motor. Well, I was going to need some odds and ends to put it together – these included:

  • Motor mounts and brackets
  • Axles for the newer transmission (possibly custom, if need to adapt late trans to old hubs)

I’ve also wanted to revise the rear suspension, to get rid of the struts and make room for wider tires.
For that project, I wanted:

  • A spare subframe – to build up with the new suspension
  • Later model A-arms, if possible – they are designed better than the Toy’s ’87 units.

I found a 1998 Buick Regal GS (the GS is Buick’s supercharged model, with the same performance stuff as the Bonneville) that was getting scrapped. The motor is bad, but the rest is there. This gives me:

  • Motor mounts and brackets
  • Axles that match the newer transmission
  • Hubs that match the axles and transmission
  • Subframe with later-style A-arms
  • Late style hubs, brakes, and related parts

In addition, “little” things like:

  • High capacity fuel pump (needed for supercharged motor)
  • Gauges (speedo and tacho) that work with the new style engine control computer
  • A spare transmission
  • Floor shifter and  linkage that work with the transmission
  • A spare engine computer, and complete wiring harness
  • Even a modern ignition switch (if I want to use it.)

And, this car belongs to the same body series as my 03 Regal – headlights, radiator (the ’98 has a new one) most interior parts, misc other stuff will fit. It even has the same wheels, with at least two pretty good tires.

The car is now at Don’s.
Let the fun begin!

Susan’s new NewBeetle

After I killed the other, we found this one.

From Susan’s New Beetle, posted by Jay Maechtlen on 4/05/2011 (2 items)

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(Susan’s New Beetle)

Toy pics from Facebook

I posted these on Facebook, then found a way to bring them over here.


“Giving an old project car different … almost everything!”

From Project Corvair: The Toy, posted by Jay Maechtlen on 5/30/2009 (18 items)

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(Project Corvair: The Toy)

bodywork for the Toy

Well, fixing some of the problems (previously disguised with primer)

the fiberglass is soooo bad…

well, it’s a bit less bad now.

Bob’s Big Boy Cruise – Downey

Wednesday I went to the cruise at Bob’s on Firestone in Downey.
They had a great turnout – roadsters, hot rods from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s (at least).
Lowriders, many more. Next time I’ll bring a camera.
The Toy was a great conversation piece, as always.
For info on cruises (where and when), see

Downey – Bob’s Big Boy Broiler Drive-In – 7447 Firestone Blvd. – 4PM – 10PM – every Wednesday, they say.

Almost went to cruise night

– but it must not have been a good night for it?

Tried to leave for the Friday cruise night at So-Cal Burgers about 9:00 (it runsĀ  8PM – Midnight).

The headlights wouldn’t come on – parking lights, no headlights. Mess with the wiring, they magically come on. I noticed they’re aiming a bit high. Try to adjust them, the screws are rusted. Turn working lights on, get the penetrating oil from the garage.
Noticed water under the nose of the car. Open hood, see a hose coming off (of the last plain PVC hose end in the car). That hose was always a bit short- find a longer one that goes farther up the PVC to the joint. The PVC is double thickness there, should work for quite a while. Get the hose on, fill water, test. Looks good.

Back to lights: The lateral adjustments will work, one vertical works, other is stuck. Nevermind, just button it up.
Wash hands, lock house, go to car, start it. No headlights.

Mess with it momentarily, no joy.

Never mind- by the time I get it fixed and drive to SoCal Burgers, the event will be over. Next time!

(oops – late update: The dimmer switch is fussy, and was causing the problem !? #@@!!!)