What we offer

Technical Communications

When you have a system or product that others need to understand and use, I can help. I’ve created manuals, operator quick-reference sheets, and many other materials to help users cope with devices, software, and systems. These can be published/presented on a device, a computer, or even on paper. See the Technical Communications page  for more information, or the About/contact  page to get in touch.

Amada Lasers

If you have an Amada laser system that Amada no longer services, I may be able to help. My strength is in making the system run – the intersection of laser generator, CNC, machine, and optics that lets you program, operate, and produce parts.

If the laser generator or CNC has issues beyond me, I’ll connect you with those who can handle it. And, I can work with them as needed to make the system run.

Amada/Prima Optimo

I programmed and operated Amada’s Optimo systems, wrote manuals for them, and taught Amada’s customers how to operate and maintain them. If you have one of these systems, I can help you make good use of it.

I also have a stock of the special parts that Amada created, such as replacements for the custom keyboard overlays.


Email: techpubs at laserpubs dot com

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