Lessons Re-Learned

Thou Shalt Back Up prior to making admin changes to site.
After happily updating some posts, I thought to revise the site so that WordPress shows up as laserpubs.com home page.
Upon saving that setting, I got a 404 and the site vanished. Ugh.
Couldn’t login to WordPress to reverse the change. Went to Lunarpages login > CpanelX >
MySQL > PHP Admin to examine DB and look for a fix. Found and fixed (?) one item, which may have helped.
Got Techcomm displaying as HTML, but not as proper WordPress with theme.
Restored the MySQL DB from a fairly recent backup, and the site was up and running.
Yay. Re-updated a few posts, did backups.
Internal links stopped working somewhere in there, had to reset Permalinks in WordPress. As of this writing, they work.

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