John Fox (the Golden Rule Guy) recently blogged about callings.

What I started to post as a comment wasn’t going to fit, so it can go here instead.

I’ve never been sure what my “calling” was/is. If there was a voice in my heart or in my ear, I’ve been too deaf or fearful to hear it.  In such a case, how do you find your calling?

In short, do what you can, as well as you can. Then look for better things to do, and do them as well as you can. Repeat. And observe to see what you enjoyed and what was productive.

I like learning things, and I like doing things. I’ve  often been a compulsive explainer.  Don’t know if this is a calling, or just  a neurosis resulting from feelings of inferiority. Anyway, much of my work at Amada and since has involved learning things and explaining them to others. Technical writing follows that pattern.

I also enjoy helping and guiding others. Perhaps that’s another side of explaining? Perhaps that’s the more important side of the ‘itch’ that writing and teaching scratches.

At times, I’ve done work to be proud of. Sometimes, it took a while to gain perspective and BE proud of what I accomplished. Remember- we’re often too close to see the whole picture.

Perhaps a pattern is emerging.

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