Cutting Applications

In laser cutting, applications development usually presumes that the machine is operating properly and the laser is providing a good quality beam. It is usually a good idea to verify system condition before attempting a difficult job.

Items to check would include:

  • focus lens
  • nozzle
  • beam quality

2 Responses to Cutting Applications

  1. Miguel Gracia says:


    I recently joined a little company which has an Amada LC2415-Alpha III with FANUC 16-L CN. Unfortunately, they haven’t got any manual operating machine, so I need some help to understand how this machine works well. The main problem is using the NC, because I can’t interact with it. Although, I’ve worked for quite some years with Trumpf lasers, I really can’t remember most of the commands or codes that I had to use in order to do what I need. For example, How can I recall an especific part of the program, after an interruption. Do you know what I mean?
    Some other help I need is about G-codes and M-codes, even I’ve read some of them here on your very useful web, but there are always more and different codes into a .CN program, so that, I’m always wondering what are these commands meaning.

    Thanks a lot for your patient and, of course, sorry for my unpleasant use of English, I’m still learning it.

    Have an extremely happy Eastern. See you!!!

  2. jmaechtlen says:

    Hi, Miguel,
    Your company really needs to spend the money and at least buy a manual.
    I haven’t worked with Trumph, so I can’t give you any direct comparisons, either.
    Does Amada have an office or distributor in your country?
    And, Happy Easter to you, too.

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