Parts for Amada/Prima Optimo

Following are photos of (some of the) parts I have for the Optimo machines.
Some years ago, Amada US decided to dispose of all our left-over parts from the project, and I was able to obtain them. Yes, I did have approval from management for this. These were separate from Amada’s service group, which did maintain its stock of parts for longer. I imagine they’ve disposed of their stock long since.

More pics on more Optimo parts



console keyboard assembly

parts for Amada’s adjustable mirror mounts


mirror used in cutting head at A-axis or B-axis.

mirror used in cutting head at A-axis or B-axis.

card extenders for CRG-306

parts for Coherent EFA-51 Laser

parts for Coherent EFA-51 Laser

Amada’s keyboard overlay

3 Responses to Parts for Amada/Prima Optimo

  1. Hi do you still have those parts?
    It seams we could use it if so than please drop me an email or give me a call.

  2. jay says:

    I sure hope I sent some info to Peter – see the forum for further information.

  3. Sam says:

    we are after a gas module for Amada laser cutter LCV2412 Beta2 1997
    System680 model 752E-A

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