M-codes on Amada machines

These include  Fanuc instructions and also commands to the machine itself.
Fanuc M-codes
M00 – Program stop. Execution halts, waits for operator to press the START button.
M01 – Optional Program Stop – The operator can select if M01 is ignored or if it acts like M00.
M02 – Program end, don’t return to top of program.
M30 – Program end, return to beginning of program.
M98 – Use to call another program (“sub-program”)for execution. Some machines use M96/M97 instead of M98/M99.
M99 – Return from sub-program called by M98 or G65, G66
Amada M-codes
M08, M09 – Water assist on/off (standard coolant on/off command?)
M63 ~ M67 – Select assist gas
M60 – Head down, laser on (old machines)
M61 – Beam off, head up
M62 – Beam off, leave head down (mostly on old machines?)
– many others – more later

9 Responses to M-codes on Amada machines

  1. HONG Y NI says:

    What are their functions in EML-NT SERIES(AMNC-F)?




  2. jmaechtlen says:

    Sorry, I’m not sure what your question is.
    Are you looking for programming support for the EML machine?

  3. jmaechtlen says:

    Actually, a better reply would be: I don’t know EML programming.
    I’m sure Amada has manuals and training classes available.

  4. John Hein says:

    I was curious if there was an M code for cleaning the nozzle that can be placed in the middle of the program, for example, after 150 parts. I seem to only be able to program in the cleaning at the beginning and end of sheet as a standard part if the programming. Thanks.

  5. jmaechtlen says:

    Hi, John:
    None of the machines I worked with had any function for nozzle cleaning or nozzle exchange. I know that Amada did have those features for some recent machines.
    If your machine has that function, then you could use a macro to count cycles and signal the M-code at the interval you select.

  6. How to use M01 on Amada laser machine?

  7. jmaechtlen says:

    Hello –
    On the old machines, M01 was “optional stop”, I think.
    There was a button on the control panel labelled Optional Stop.
    If the button is illuminated, program execution would halt at an M01 in the program. Pressing Start would resume operation.
    If the button is not illuminated, then the program would continue running at M01.
    (By “illuminated”, you understand “active”, regardless of whether the bulb still works.)

    This is a way to stop a program for some conditions – maybe when testing a program you want it to stop so you can inspect a piece or clear scrap.
    If that is no longer needed, release the Optional Stop button and let the program run through without stopping.

  8. Vernon Martinez says:

    Hello I need the M-codes for an Amada BLS, TK-Sorting system. FMS line. Explaining their meaning.

  9. jmaechtlen says:

    Hello – Sorry, I have not worked with FMS systems. Anyway, call Amada for technical support. Whichever country/office configured your system should have all the information needed.

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