Welcome to the Laserpubs Service Group

We offer training, repair, and programming services for select Amada lasers.

Do you have a LC644 or LC667?

We can help with:

  • Programming training
  • Cutting technique
  • Machine problems
  • Laser service, maintenance, tuning

We can also provide contract programming. We have BobCad/Cam 23, and Alibre Expert.

We help customers with 6M and 11M machines, and Spectra/Rofin lasers.

See the About page for contact information.

5 Responses to Service

  1. Brad Stacy says:

    We have a LC644 with an 11M control. We recently had a bubble error and had to dump our memory. After loading all of our parameters and macros the machine is running but we have a few issues. Whenever the machine completes a cut we get a Shutter Fault. If we press the start button it will continue to the next cut. Sometimes it does continue but most of the time we get the Shutter Fault. We have verified that it is not a limit switch problem. The other problem is the control is not controlling the power correctly in Tape Control. In Manual it does fine. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to correct our problems. Thank you

  2. jmaechtlen says:

    Hi, Brad:
    My opinion here will be mostly guesswork. To begin with, we don’t know if the shutter fault is a physical machine problem or something strange in the Fanuc control or in the PLC. (the machine control module that lives between the CNC and the physical machine.)
    There’s a way to view the “ladder logic”, which is the PLC’s world. It could (might) tell you why that error is coming up. The shutter could be hanging or not closing as quickly as the control expects it to?
    What laser do you have? Is it the 820, or a PRC?
    Regarding Tape Control – again, just a guess. The signal comes from the Fanuc side, I think. Not sure what switches or enables it. Do you have schematics?

  3. Sohan Gonsalves says:

    Gooday sir,
    I’m sohan Gonsalves from Bangalore. I have amada laser Cutting Machine LCV 3015 lasmac
    the mfg year 1997. Some repair is there in machine .I need your help, it’s pretty urgent.please contact me in this mob no . 09845477313
    or kindly send your no.
    Warm regards

  4. Gregg says:

    I have some Optimo 306 parts any intrest or know of any one that might?

    260 740 7417

  5. jmaechtlen says:

    Hi, Gregg
    Not right offhand – I guess we need to find who owns the CRG-306 Optimos and see what’s happening.
    I sold most of my CRG parts to BFG in Chula Vista. That was many years ago, but they seemed to keep equipment a long time. If they haven’t had Prima (or someone) upgrade the systems, they might be in need of parts now.

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