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I’m Jay Maechtlen, and this site belongs to me. I hope that it will be helpful and/or interesting for you, the reader.

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For any of the parts or services I offer, please call or email me at

626 444-5112 (USA - Los Angeles time zone)

techpubs (at) laserpubs.com

If you need a quick response, do not ask via a comment on one of these pages, or a post on the forum. The response time may vary greatly.


I’m interested in technical communications, computing. industrial lasers, and other stuff I do or have worked on/with.

About Me

Nowadays, I’m mainly a Technical Writer. That’s an inclusive term, and I do other work too, depending on the usual constraints of time, money, and ability.

Previously, I worked for several of Amada’s US companies over a span of 20 years.
First was U.S. Amada, then Amada Laser Systems, then Amada Service, then Amada America.

I started at U.S. Amada as an applications engineer, testing/developing applications and providing customer support for the sales group. Some projects let me do much more than that, such as the Optimo project. Many of my duties required writing, and my duties required more and more technical writing.

Eventually they dubbed me a Technical Writer instead of Senior Engineer, and moved me into Amada School. When Amada downsized in 2002, Amada School was closed and all members were terminated (along with quite a few employees from other parts of the company) with a fairly decent severance.
Since then, I’ve mostly worked as a Technical Writer, with occasional engagements repairing or supporting old Amada lasers.

Resume and Samples

– why do my learning curves keep getting entangled?

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