Laser Machines

Some of the Laser Machines that Amada marketed here in the US:

  • LC 644, LC667 with 6M and 11M controls and Spectra 971 and 820 lasers
  • LCF machines with 11M (?) controls and SP 820, other lasers.
  • Optimo 5-axis gantry system with Roboprima CRG 306 control and Coherent EFA-51 or Arrow laser.
  • LC644, 667 w/11M, 0M controls and PRC lasers
  • LCE machines with 0L controls and PRC lasers(?) or Fanuc lasers.
  • LCV machines
  • Pulsar and Altair machines with the series 16L controls and Fanuc lasers
  • Also the above with 160iL controls
  • LCM with 16 series control and Fanuc laser
  • FO series (aka Gemini)
  • Japan’s 5-axis machine (aka Theta)

The Amada companies

These are the Amada companies that I worked for:

  • U.S. Amada, a company selling Amada’s fabricating equipment.
  • Amada Laser Systems, which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Amada, created by taking the laser people from U.S. Amada and a laser research group from Amada Service. It only lasted a few years. Research was disbanded, Optimo went to Service, and the rest went back to U.S. Amada.
  • Amada Service, a sister company of U.S. Amada that provided parts and service for Amada’s machines.
  • U.S. Amada was later renamed as Amada America.

U.S. Sonoike marketed CNC chipmaking equipment, and shared Amada’s showroom at various times. I never worked for them.

Amada Cutting Technologies marketed Amada’s bandsaws and blades. I never worked for them.

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  1. goff says:

    hi i have a amada laser 667 /11 we have lost all of our parameters, trying to reload but no success as the screen has to many alarms, need step by step instruction to get started, then i can download the rest

  2. jmaechtlen says:

    Sorry that I couldn’t respond sooner. Did you get any help?

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