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Optimo is a big gantry-style 5 1/2 axis laser cutting/welding machine.

Optimo Cast of Characters

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Programming Language

Optimo used Prima’s RML language.
It used a format like:

  • SPEED 20
  • MOVE (xxx.xx, yyyy.yy, zzz.zz, aa.a, bb.b)

where COORD selected the tool tip (COORD ABSOL) or raw machine axes (COORD ROBOT)
and PATH referred to the path from the machine’s previous position to the commanded position: a straight line (LATH LIN), an arc in space (PATH CIR) or each axis took the shortest distance (PATH PTP)
Just to make things more fun, the angular values were in Radians and the linear values were in mm.
Oh, yes- the SPEED is expressed in percent of maximum velocity!
You had to know the machine’s max velocity, and program the desired speed as a percent of that.
Amada’s customizations of the Optimo
Amada (US group) developed a custom reflective collimator system, a custom menu system for the PC, an automatic optics alignment system, and more.

Here’s the patent that applies to the optics alignment system:

Parts Available

I have a few of:
Custom keyboard overlays
Mirror alignment parts (motors and gearboxes)
A few other odds and ends.
I may have a manual around for this language, not sure.
If someone has need, please contact me.

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