M-codes on Amada machines

These include  Fanuc instructions and also commands to the machine itself.
Fanuc M-codes
M00 – Program stop. Execution halts, waits for operator to press the START button.
M01 – Optional Program Stop – The operator can select if M01 is ignored or if it acts like M00.
M02 – Program end, don’t return to top of program.
M30 – Program end, return to beginning of program.
M98 – Use to call another program (“sub-program”)for execution. Some machines use M96/M97 instead of M98/M99.
M99 – Return from sub-program called by M98 or G65, G66
Amada M-codes
M08, M09 – Water assist on/off (standard coolant on/off command?)
M63 ~ M67 – Select assist gas
M60 – Head down, laser on (old machines)
M61 – Beam off, head up
M62 – Beam off, leave head down (mostly on old machines?)
– many others – more later

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