G-codes on Amada lasers


Amada’s machines used many variations of programming codes in the early years. Since the Fanuc 16 series and 160 series machines, things settled down a lot.

Fanuc 6-M, 11M machines

Some G-codes are standard Fanuc codes, others are custom according to the machine tool builder. I’m
only familiar with Amada’s codes, and that’s what is covered here.
Fanuc Codes
G00, G01, G02, G03 – travel mode: G00 is rapid traverse, G01 is linear interpolation, G02/G03 are circular interpolation.
G92 – Initialize Position: Sets the position registers to a particular value at the machine’s position when the instruction is read. Amada machines are normally set so that they power up and reference without needing G92. Some need a G92 under particular circumstances, such as after a reposition command. A few need it always.

Amada Codes
Some of these vary by series of machine. The programming manual for any particular machine is always the primary reference. The final reference is “what works” on the machine itself.

G11, G12, G13, G14, G15 – Amada’s “macros” to do various holes singly or in patterns. Later versions are smart enough to take an X, Y location for the hole and move directly to the correct piercing point.
Older versions required a move to the center of the hole, then it would move to the correct pierce location.

G25 – Repositioning: Clamp the sheet and shift the work clamps for processing oversized workpieces or to move the clamps clear of an area at the edge of the sheet for processing. Not used on hybrids or flying optics machines, only on sheetdraggers.
G50, G70 – Home Return: Used at the end of a program to return the table to home position. Calls the Fanuc G28 instruction, and cancels any offsets in effect. Most machines include M30 (end program, rewind) in this macro.
– more later!

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