G-codes on Amada lasers


Amada’s machines used many variations of programming codes in the early years. Since the Fanuc 16 series and 160 series machines, things settled down a lot.

Fanuc 6-M, 11M machines

Some G-codes are standard Fanuc codes, others are custom according to the machine tool builder. I’m
only familiar with Amada’s codes, and that’s what is covered here.
Fanuc Codes
G00, G01, G02, G03 – travel mode: G00 is rapid traverse, G01 is linear interpolation, G02/G03 are circular interpolation.
G92 – Initialize Position: Sets the position registers to a particular value at the machine’s position when the instruction is read. Amada machines are normally set so that they power up and reference without needing G92. Some need a G92 under particular circumstances, such as after a reposition command. A few need it always.

Amada Codes
Some of these vary by series of machine. The programming manual for any particular machine is always the primary reference. The final reference is “what works” on the machine itself.

G11, G12, G13, G14, G15 – Amada’s “macros” to do various holes singly or in patterns. Later versions are smart enough to take an X, Y location for the hole and move directly to the correct piercing point.
Older versions required a move to the center of the hole, then it would move to the correct pierce location.

G25 – Repositioning: Clamp the sheet and shift the work clamps for processing oversized workpieces or to move the clamps clear of an area at the edge of the sheet for processing. Not used on hybrids or flying optics machines, only on sheetdraggers.
G50, G70 – Home Return: Used at the end of a program to return the table to home position. Calls the Fanuc G28 instruction, and cancels any offsets in effect. Most machines include M30 (end program, rewind) in this macro.
– more later!

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  1. Antonio says:

    Thanks a lot, this information is really helpfull.

  2. Bryan Anderson says:

    I lost my macros on a LC-677 II Amada Laser from alarm 101. There is no punch tape.
    Do you know where I can get these macros?

  3. jmaechtlen says:

    Amada used to make those available.
    It does depend on exactly which control and laser you have – 667 II was built with 11m, 0m, and I don’t know what all. They (just 667II) were built with Spectra 820, various PRC, and various Fanuc lasers.
    OK- I found it- here is Amada’s page with links for info and parameters – good luck!


  4. Bryan Anderson says:

    Thank You for getting back to me on this problem, I found some tapes from a Amada laser with an OL control (same model also) near Milwaukee and went and got them. Now Im trying to get the tape reader to work and the rs232 com connection.
    1. When I push read for tape input I get alarm 86 and the tape doesnt feed.
    2. I can load into the NC via rs232 with my G-Coder hand held device and load into with a PC using Hyperterm, but I cant punch out of the machine to either the PC or G-Coder. There are no alarms on punching unless you unhook the rs232 cable and punch.
    Its most likely parameters, I have some information on this but am a little confused as what parameters need to be on/off.
    Any Ideas ??
    Thank You for you help .

  5. jmaechtlen says:

    You don’t happen to have an alarm list for that machine? 86 sounds familiar, but my manuals aren’t easy to get at right now.
    You really should get the manuals from Amada for the machine, and maybe an Operator’s manual for the Fanuc (maybe from Fanuc, or maybe Ebay).

    You can also call Fanuc for tech support- they used to be pretty helpful, maybe they still are.

  6. Larry Packman says:

    Here is a web site I found informative:

    Data Set Ready:
    When the external device is ready to operate to needs to set this signal high. If this signal goes low anytime during data transfer, NC alarm 86 will occur. Jump 6 to 20 if signal isn’t used.

    Since the tape reader is internal, are all the obvious switches set correctly? Does it work at all?

    Good Luck (Seriously)

  7. Bryan A says:

    Hi Larry,
    I found a guy that is pretty good with these problems, he switched the connectors on the comm board and set some parameters and the punch and read work now.
    He said there was a problem in the board, I cant use the tape reader but the rs232
    is fine now.
    Now Im dealing with a sheet reposition problem G25, the clamps release and move before the clamp rods are at full down pressure, its pretty close. Could it be a parameter or dwell adj in the macro ?

    Thanks for your help

  8. jmaechtlen says:

    Sorry, a really late reply here.
    On the repositioning cycle, the system probably has an indication of when the hold-downs are down. It is probably a pressure switch in the “down” circuit.
    I expect that the pressure switch was/is bad, or set way too low.
    Or, the cylinders are not moving freely, or there’s a restriction in the lines to/from the repo cylinders.


  9. Don says:

    I am in the same boat as you were with macros, do you still have those taps for the O-L controller? Would you want to sell them?

  10. jmaechtlen says:

    You may have posted to the wrong place – I don’t have anything for the 0L controls.
    I’ll link to any resources I find.

  11. Ernesto Del Bosque says:

    I Am looking for a program FANUC O-L , we have one Laser AMADA LASMAC 667 II
    1993 , and we can make comunicatiòn betwen the CNC with Autocad (computer)

  12. Ernesto Del Bosque says:

    I am looking for a program FANUC O-L, for one AMADA LASER LASMAC 667 II , because we can make comunicattiòn betwen the CNC and the COPUTER

  13. j’aime voire comment sa marche avec des photos ou des vidios

  14. jmaechtlen says:

    Sorry for the slow reply – if you want to create NC programs for it, you might consider BobCad-Cam. They have decently customizable post processors, and the pricing is pretty reasonable. I know there are others, but I can’t offer any opinion on them.

  15. jmaechtlen says:

    Sorry, I don’t understand. Google Translate makes it sound like you’re complimenting my graphics – but I suspect you’re asking for illustrations (maybe explanations and/or pictures) to explain how the commands work?
    I haven’t done much with the programming pages – but I could if there’s a need.

  16. jmaechtlen says:

    – to clarify: the control uses a pretty simple RS-232 communications for programs to a computer.
    The parameters and cable have to be set up properly – a friend of mine (Larry, who has posted hee before) worked at Amada and supported these communications.
    I’ll see if I can get some information from him.
    But many of the programming systems provided a communications link to the control.
    Well – I think BobCad-Cam does that – I used it to program a LC667 w/11M control.
    How are you programming the machine? Do you have a cable and a computer with serial (RS-232) port?

  17. kemppi says:

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  18. MATTHEW HARTEL says:


  19. jmaechtlen says:

    I didn’t use edge detect much, and I don’t have any notes.
    To be sure, we would have to know which machine and control you have.
    You should also try and get the programming manual from Amada.
    I did find a manual (online) for the AMNC-F, which had codes and instructions for edge detection calibration and use.
    “A” is measurement pattern – it can be A1, A2, etc up to A8.
    X, Y are corners of sheet – “which” corners determined by pattern#.
    I, J, Q are measurement points. According to pattern selected, these are distances from the X,Y corner to the places where the control will look for edges of the sheet.
    So your code may be wrong, but we need to know what kind of control you have, because the G-codes aren’t the same on all controls.

  20. Amjad says:

    I have a laser lc 667II with prc laser my control is 0m
    I got all the back up in my hand if any wants let me know

  21. Amjad says:

    I really dont know of i can put my email here or not
    But contact me tarboushh@gmail.com
    Also if any is intrested in that machine i will sell it
    Running 100/100

  22. Tony Redden says:

    Hello. I am working on an Amada ac2510 turret punch, and would like to know what command you have to put into the program to jump to a particular part of the program.
    I have tried the goto n—– but that didn’t seem to work.
    Thanks in advance for any help

  23. Sohan Gonsalves says:

    Good day everyone,
    I have a Amada Laser cutting machine 3kilo watt and model is LASMAC LCV 3015 B2 Model manufacutring year 1997…I’m particularly looking out for a Machine backup for this model and Its pretty urgent..kindly get back to me incase anybody could help me out in getting this machine backup…..M’y email is jas_riona@yahoo.co.in or sohangonsalves@Gmail.com and my mobile number is +919845477313..


  24. Sohan Gonsalves says:

    March 3, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Good day everyone,
    I have a Amada Laser cutting machine 3kilo watt and model is LASMAC LCV3015 B2 Model manufacutring year 1997 control is fanuc16 l…I’m particularly looking out for a Machine backup for this model and Its pretty urgent..kindly get back to me incase anybody could help me out in getting this machine backup…..M’y email is jas_riona@yahoo.co.inor sohangonsalves@Gmail.com and my mobile number is +919845477313..


  25. peter says:

    hi ya
    could any one help please i am runing dr abe on our laser which works well ,BUT when i transfer text from autocad to dr abe it does not seem to find it and when it does the text is in red and in the vertical postion, everything else works form autocad to abe , just no text our any of the fonts, can any body help???

  26. jmaechtlen says:

    Are you trying to scribe the text onto a part?
    I’ll be surprised if Dr Abe has that feature. If you break the text into vectors, you can probably tool path it.
    As far as I know, on most fab equipment, text on a drawing is for the humans who view it, not the machines that process it.

  27. Viggen Avedissian says:

    We have an Omada AF 2000E 2Kw Laser cutter with a Fanuc Series 160i-L Control.
    Looking for someone who has worked on the same and be able to train our operator. Will consider skyping, or if you have any other suggestions.
    I would appreciate if any one who can help or guide me in the right direction.

  28. jmaechtlen says:

    I can train people on some machines, but mainly the LC 644 and 667.
    I am located in the Los Angeles area – if you are far away, Skype might be a possibility – but the machine is such a huge part of training, you really need the instructor and students next to it.
    You can also contact Amada or one of the independent laser service organizations.

  29. Armand DeRosa says:

    Looking for someone to train an operator on a Amada 2415 A11 laser 2000 watt with Fanuc16 control. Williamsport Pa. Thanks for any response.

  30. Perry Rucker says:

    what’s the g code for taking a program and shrinking down the size so that can it can be smaller in size?

  31. none manager says:

    In Fanuc, I believe it is G50.

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