This model is a big sheetdragger, it handles a full 5’x7′ sheet without repositioning. (Yes, sheet metal is more often 4×8 or 5×10.) With support tables and repositioning, you can cut some really big stuff.
First offered around 1984 with 6M control and Spectra Physics 971 laser. Over the years they used 11M, 0M, and 0L controls. Lasers included the Spectra Physics 820, various PRCs, and probably the Fanuc lasers. I’m not sure when the 667 was last offered. I’m guessing 1993 or so.

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  1. Alfredo Perez Garcia says:

    Hola: Estoy buscando los parámetros de corte para la maquina AMADA LC 667 II año 1994, con controlador Fanuc serie O – L y Resonador PRC de 1.5 kW.
    Busco información de; velocidad, potencia, frecuencia, servicio, gas, presión, agua volumen, perforado, etc. que me permita entender cuando se usa un parámetro y cuando otro, para un mismo material y espesor.
    Tenemos la licencia de uso del programa METACAM y pide estos parámetros, Nuestra maquina es usada y con la información que fue entregada, no tenia estos datos.
    Amada en México no tiene información de ello.
    Agradeceré que me indique; libros, tutoriales apuntes o datos que nos permitan comprender y usar estos parámetros en el programa.

    Muchas gracias
    (Google Translate tells me:)
    Hello: I’m looking for the cutting parameters for the machine AMADA LC 1994 667 II with Fanuc Series O Controller – PRC Resonator L and 1.5 kW.
    Seeking information, speed, power, frequency, service, gas, pressure, water volume, drilled, etc.. that allows me to understand when using a parameter and when another, for the same material and thickness.
    We license the use of the program and asks METACAM these parameters, Our machine is used and the information that was given, did not have these data.
    Amada in Mexico has no information about it.
    I will thank you to tell me, books, tutorials, notes or data that allow us to understand and use these parameters in the program.

  2. jmaechtlen says:

    Sorry for the delay – I’ll see what I can do shortly.
    I don’t speak Spanish – but Google Translate gave me a clear understanding of your needs.


  3. Amjad says:

    Hola 🙂
    I got some information regarding cutting parameters but you have to correct them some times for example i cut 6 mm hot rolled steel at a feed of 1350 mm/min
    At 1000 cw
    That dose not mean that your machine will work on the same you have do your correction because the beam quality is different from a machine to another spicily the old ones
    Any i got a lot of useful information but i dont know how to send it to you
    Can we contact on email ? And i would like others to get them

  4. Indiana says:

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  5. jay says:

    see my response to Lashunda’s post.

  6. Mark Stewart says:

    This should help with cutting parameters , Any questions on the PRC email mwlaser1@yahoocom

  7. ILCJeff says:

    Hi Jay – cool to run across someone else with 667 experience!
    I have a small job shop and have been using the 667 for over 20 years, but there are always things that come up, and answers are getting harder to come by…
    I’m sure you’ll hear from me before long with some questions.

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