Programming Amada Lasers

Amada’s Lasers prior to the 16-series controls may be programmed using Fanuc’s G-codes plus appropriate M-codes and related for the specific machine. A number of Macros (special functions) are provided to ease programming, development, and testing. These functions were coded in the Fanuc macro language.
Amada’s newer lasers, series 16 and later, are still based on G-codes, but are much more tightly integrated. The machine and laser are tightly integrated and laser control is well unified with the program.
Optimo is totally different. It provides teach-programming and uses a language called RML. (Robotic Machine Language).
Programs that are ‘taught’ can still be transferred to a PC and edited. Some systems are able to output from CadCam to RML.
Since only a small number were sold in the US (I know of less than ten), it is really a niche market.

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