External voltage regulator for Delco alternator

I overhauled an alternator for my project car, and it didn’t work. I may have damaged the regulator by installing it wrong? In the spirit of saving some money (and not destroying another expensive solid state unit), I decided to try an external regulator.  I soldered a wire to the leg of the regulator that fed the field. I ran it out the enclosure, and re-installed the alternator. With the engine running, I energized the field by touching the wire to the alternator post. The alternator immediately started charging, proving that everything was ok except the regulator.

I wired up a Ford voltage regulator (diagram post later) and it seems to work.

Here's where to energize the field

Here's where to energize the field

Just need to clean the regulator up and give it a permanent mount.

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3 Responses to External voltage regulator for Delco alternator

  1. jay says:

    I did clean and paint the regulator, and mounted it for long-term use. It works fine, no reason to mess with it!

  2. jmaechtlen says:

    When I replaced the transaxle, I got in a hurry putting it all back together.
    I left the power lead loose on the alternator, and the main ground strap loose between the engine and the chassis. Everything worked, except the intensity of all the lights varied a lot. For a couple of weeks.
    Then the alternator stopped charging.
    All the diodes were fried.

    I found a great place in West LA that rebuilds alternators and all kinds of motors.
    Allen Alternator Company. Recommended.

  3. jmaechtlen says:

    Oh, yes: Allen put in a new regulator, so the external regulator is no longer needed. Yay!

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