The job I took at Apria Healthcare went well. I got along well with my managers and co-workers, and they appreciated me.
Unfortunately, due to changes in the healthcare industry, Apria has decided to downsize. I’m told it was a tough choice, but they kept my fellow Technical Writer and are releasing me. If nothing else, the guy they kept has nine years more seniority at Apria than I.
Ah, well – it was great experience. I got to work closely with another experienced TW and an experienced manager/editor. Together, we supported quite a number of “process content specialists”. I got to exercise and expand my VBA skills, creating utility macros that the teams have come to depend on.
So – onward, to the next great adventure!

About jmaechtlen

I worked at Amada for many years - mostly supporting their laser systems. I did cutting applications work, trained customers, wrote training materials and manuals, and more. Amada downsized in 2002, and I've mostly done technical writing since. A lot of that's been in IT, but I've gotten to do a real variety of projects, including: A user manual for a software system which controlled a modular machine system. The system takes drawings and blank material in, and outputs laser cut parts ready for assembly or further processing. User manuals for various custom heat sealing machines. Documentation for various custom hardware/software systems, software deployments, etc. User guides and manuals for consumer GPS devices. (Several automotive units, one fitness device.) And various others. I get to learn stuff, organize it, and write it down/teach it to others.
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