Vintage Computing

Time to clean out some of the junk/old computer stuff. I looked around, and it looks like there’s a bit of activity in old computers and parts.
So, maybe I can make a few dollars and save some of this from e-waste.
Here’s a place to sell for free:
“vintage computer marketplace”
vintage computer forums
Surprise – there’s still interest in old Commodore computers:
Commodore fan site
And someone is building/marketing new ones:
Commodore USA
Other sites:
Note that these (.com and .net) are two entirely different sites!

About jmaechtlen

I worked at Amada for many years - mostly supporting their laser systems. I did cutting applications work, trained customers, wrote training materials and manuals, and more. Amada downsized in 2002, and I've mostly done technical writing since. A lot of that's been in IT, but I've gotten to do a real variety of projects, including: A user manual for a software system which controlled a modular machine system. The system takes drawings and blank material in, and outputs laser cut parts ready for assembly or further processing. User manuals for various custom heat sealing machines. Documentation for various custom hardware/software systems, software deployments, etc. User guides and manuals for consumer GPS devices. (Several automotive units, one fitness device.) And various others. I get to learn stuff, organize it, and write it down/teach it to others.
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2 Responses to Vintage Computing

  1. Shadow Lord says:


    Saw your auction at VTG Computers. Tried contacting you but was no go. Are you still selling stuff? Thanks.

  2. jay says:

    I had some challenges with email and connectivity these last few days.
    Much better now.
    I responded on the auction forum.

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