Vintage Computing

Time to clean out some of the junk/old computer stuff. I looked around, and it looks like there’s a bit of activity in old computers and parts.
So, maybe I can make a few dollars and save some of this from e-waste.
Here’s a place to sell for free:
“vintage computer marketplace”
vintage computer forums
Surprise – there’s still interest in old Commodore computers:
Commodore fan site
And someone is building/marketing new ones:
Commodore USA
Other sites:
Note that these (.com and .net) are two entirely different sites!

About jmaechtlen

Worked at Amada for many years - mostly supporting their laser systems. I did cutting applications work, customer training, training materials, manuals, and more. Amada downsized in 2002, and I've done a bit of laser work since, but mostly technical writing. That's mostly been in IT, but also for custom machines and some work for Amada.
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2 Responses to Vintage Computing

  1. Shadow Lord says:


    Saw your auction at VTG Computers. Tried contacting you but was no go. Are you still selling stuff? Thanks.

  2. jay says:

    I had some challenges with email and connectivity these last few days.
    Much better now.
    I responded on the auction forum.

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