Connectivity Challenges

Recently, one or two of my email addresses seemed be flaky, so I tried to login to my hosting provider to check settings.
I could login to my account, but cpanel – the real management interface – refused to accept my credentials.

After submitting a trouble ticket, and several rounds of testing, it developed that cpanel would respond just fine from anywhere we tried – except for my own home DSL account.
I examined settings for my router, disabled my A-V and firewall entirely, with no improvement.
I went to a public WiFi just to test for myself – and in fact I could administer my account just fine from the free WiFi at McDonald’s.
(Yes, I know that is poor practice, and I did change my account password when I got back home. I can change the password from the Lunarpages account page, without going to cpanel.)

I then submitted a trouble ticket to my ISP.

I don’t see any response from Covad, but it mysteriously started working again.

I’m torn between annoyance and relief.

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Moved from auto repair to engineering, and spent many years in the world of CNC laser cutting systems. Moved into technical writing from there, and have written for IT, consumer devices, industrial machine operators, and more.
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